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Getting Ready to Run

Whether you’re chasing after a qualifying time for the London marathon or just want to play some tennis in your spare time, you want to perform to the best of your ability.

Good footwear that meets the needs of your feet, the surface you are playing on and the specifics of the sport you are playing, is imperative. But good footwear isn’t always enough. Our insole experts can provide help. A Next Step footscan® analysis will provide you with a scientifically backed, but easily understandable overview of your feet. This data will enable us to create an insole adapted to your feet, and your movement. This can help prevent injury and increase the efficiency of your movement when you’re playing your sport. 

An abnormal foot motion will often cause your sports shoes to wear out more quickly. Using a pair of Next Step insoles will make your shoes last a little longer. The insoles which we provide are extremely durable, lasting longer than other orthoses made from different materials. Due to state of the art 3D-printing technology, our insoles keep their shape incredibly well, garunteeing functionality and an impressive lifespan.

Don't just take our word for it, see what other users of Phits 3D printed insoles have to say.....


Paula Radcliffe,

Former Marathon Record Holder

"I still have my original pair, they last so well! I think the insoles played the biggest role in enabling me to be able to get back to running and run the London Marathon one more time"


Paul Tesori,

PGA Tour Caddie

"Since I started wearing my Phits orthotics, my back and foot pain have been reduced dramatically. I'd recommend Phits to ANYONE suffering from pain relating to time on your feet. "


Miranda Boonstra,

Pro Marathon Runner

"Phits Insoles brought me back on my feet after a real nasty fat pad injury."

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