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  • What is an insole/orthotic?
    There are many different types of insole and orthotic. They come in many shapes and sizes and can provide lots of different functions which can help restore the optimal biomechanics in your feet whilst walking, running or during your chosen physical activity.
  • Will my new insoles be uncomfortable?
    While some custom foot orthotics need to be firm and corrective, that is not the only style available. Depending on your unique needs, your custom orthotics will be as soft or as firm as required to help you recover from an injury. Orthotics should never cause blisters, increase your current pain level, or cause new problems. Mild discomfort can occur during the break-in period; however, they should not cause any more discomfort than when breaking in a new pair of shoes.
  • Can I order more than one pair?
    Absolutely! Although your insoles are transferable from show to shoe, some people like to order multiple pairs for convenience. We offer a discounted rate on any extra pairs you require of the same insole.
  • How heavy are a pair of insoles?
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  • What is the life span of a pair of insoles?
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  • Will my insoles fit in all types of footwear?
    Insoles fit in to the majority of shoe types, including specifically adapted designs for Football, Running, Cycling, Golf and Skiing for optimal functionality. There are also options for narrower day to day footwear and even tailored safety insoles for workers boots.
  • Are a pair of insoles easy to maintain?
    Our 3D printed insoles are very easy to maintain as they do not absorb moisture. Therefore, they can be easily cleaned. Concerned that the top cover is wearing down? No problem, all top covers are replaceable.
  • How are custom made insoles manufactured?
    Upon completion of a dynamic Footscan® assessment, your order is sent directly to Materialise, the largest 3D print company in Europe. Here, the order is manufactured via Selective Laser Sintering, the most durable form of 3D printing.
  • Do I have to purchase customised insoles?
    No, not everyone requires customised insoles. Some people may be more suited to our Bio Advanced "off the shelf" insoles and some people won't need any insoles or orthotics at all. Our experts will discuss with you the best option to suit your needs.

We understand that custom made insoles or orthotics may be a new concept to you. That's exactly why we've compiled this list of questions we are frequently asked by our clients. 

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