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We are delighted to be able to offer Phits™ 3D print custom orthotics at Next Step Insoles, located in Harlow. Our expert Phits™ certified Osteopath uses Footscan® technology to analyse the biomechanics of your feet during a dynamic gait assessment.  The results from the scan and biomechanical assessment are then used to design and custom make personalised orthotics which are 3D printed to fit your requirements exactly.  


At Next Step Insoles we believe that Phits™ 3D print custom orthotics are the most specific and bespoke orthotics available. The orthotics are designed to suit your gait pattern, rather than a static measurement or static foot position such as in traditional cast orthotics.

Our services are available to everyone. Located in Harlow, Essex our custom made insoles and orthotic fitting services are easily accessible to anyone living in Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Bishop's Stortford, Epping, Stansted, North Weald and beyond.

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