Full Biomechanical Assessment and Insole Casting £90

This will be your initial appointment with us. The consultation includes a full foot scan and detailed report for you to take away. Typically takes around 45-60 minutes.

3D Printed Insoles (fitting and followup/review appointments included) £450

These are perfect for those who require a more cutsom made, bespoke insole. These 3D Printed Insoles can enable you to reach your full potential through dynamic, custom insole technology. 

Additional Pair of 3D Printed Insoles £250

Although Your unique, custom made insoles are transferable from shoe to shoe, we offer a discounted rate on any extra pairs you may require.

Bio Langer Advanced Insoles £55/£60

Cutsom made orthoses aren't for everyone.


These Langer Bio Advanced Insoles are for those seeking durability, moderate control and high levels of shock absorption. Available in both 3/4 and full length.