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Soccer Game

Don't just take our word for it, see what other users of Phits 3D printed insoles have to say.....


Peyton Thompson,

Professional Footballer

"Due to a foot surgery, traditional orthotics were never comfortable. he custom made 3D printed Phits Orthotics are much lighter, more comfortable and more supportive than I've ever had before."

Smiling Teenage Boy


14 yr Old Footballer

"Shins splints really kept me from playing soccer, thanks to these orthotics, the shin splints are gone and I can completely focus on my sport again!."


Beom-Seok Oh, Professional Footballer

"Phits insoles are the best insoles I have ever used. My feet used to get tired easily because of my low arches.  After using Phits insoles for a while, my feet felt a lot less fatigued than before."

Whether you play football like a warrior, or gracefully run around the pitch, usually your football boots are designed to offer better ball control, not to protect your feet. This is why you have an increased risk of foot injuries which don’t manifest themselves until later in life. Football boots do not provide an immediate solution to overpronation or supination of the feet. In the long term this can have severe consequences on your ankles and knees, but also your hips and lower back.

Our highly advanced footscan® technology is able to design insoles which fit your movement and football boots perfectly. Your footscan® analysis will clearly show whether you require more support and how this would be best corrected. football boot insoles that could help give you an extra edge. Next Step insoles are designed to reduce shock, and improve the positioning and fit of your boots providing an obvious advantage to the user.

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