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Bike Race

As a cyclist, it is important you do evertying you can to ensure maximum efficiency whilst riding your bike. The optimum cycling experince is different for everybody and depends upon a number of different factors: strength, body composition and agility, but also the type of cycling you partake in. For example, mountain bike riders have different positions on their bikes to time trial specialists or triathletes.

Your feet and their position are always crucial to this process, something all elite bike fitters agree on. Without sufficient foot support, you run the risk of riding out of balance. This can lead to tingling feet or knee tendinitis. Bad foot placement can also cause a bad posture whilst sitting on the saddle, which in turn can cause pelvic instability and lower back problems.

Our insole fitting experts can use your gait and foot pattern, determined using our scientifically validated footscan® protocol, and predict their impact on your bike position. The material and the design of your insoles will provide your feet with firm and precise support. This way we can guarantee a better power transfer to the pedals, increased lower limb stability and a better saddle posture.

Don't just take our word for it, see what other users of Phits 3D printed insoles have to say.....


Bong-Jun An, 

Professional triathlete

"I have changed cycling shoes many times for better performance but it was not enough. Using Phits insoles really improved  my cycling pattern. "


Jens Schuermans,

Mountain bike racer

"The 3D print Phits Insoles have a very positive effect on my cycling position. I feel a more effective power transfer during every rotation and using my Phits in my cycling shoes, significantly reduced my lateral knee movement during cycling.."


Sang Hong-Park, Professional cyclist

"Phits insoles worked as an orthotic device to correct my wrong posture during cycling. When I use my Phits insoles, my knees are not outward anymore and the power is efficiently transferred to the pedals. "

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