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Don't just take our word for it, see what other users of Phits 3D printed insoles have to say.....


Paula Radcliffe,

Marathon WR holder

"Without the support of these orthotics, it would have been impossible to recover so well after my surgery and most likely I wouldn't been able to continue my running carreer!"


Kim Meylemans, 

Belgian Skeleton Athlete

"I never wore orthotics before, I wasn't really aware of the benefits. I was very surprised how fast I got used to them, I could pick up my regular training program almost immediately!"


Stijn, Airline Pilot, triathlete, 39 years old

"Phits insoles brought me THE solution to treat a painful, chronical plantar fasciitis. I'd advise them to everyone!"

The perfect pair of insioles for your feet will allow you to move more easily with every step and create the flexibility you require in order to progress evenly throughout the gait cycle. Your foot should not move in a rigid or fixed manner and every step relies on a smooth transition of force through the foot joints.

The Next Step insoles or orthotics selected for you by our specialist will promote even foot mechanics that will allow your foot to return to the optimum working level.

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