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Roofer at Work

Don't just take our word for it, see what other users of Phits 3D printed insoles have to say.....

Male Portrait


52 Year Old Engineer

"After suffering a complex calcaneus fracture, classic orthotics weren't enough supporting anymore and I started wearing the 3D printed custom Phits orthotics. A massive improvement!"


Bret Scheidner, Design Engineer

"After wearing my Phits insoles for both work and running, I noticed reduced knee pain and overall better stability."


Jamie Phelan, Track and field athlete

"I have experienced a number of different injuries during my time in college. I believe that Phits insoles are truly helping my running form while protecting my feet and legs and preventing any further injuries.."

Safety and prevention are of vital importance in most aspects of construction and industry. Personal protection is essential in preventing injury from external threats. You wear safety shoes, a hard hat, protective clothing and you protect your eyes and your ears. But are your feet and body sufficiently protected against the risks of a changing gait due to heavy shoes or heavy loads?

Our Insole experts will look into this when performing your footscan® and gait analysis This will enable us to indicate the risks to which you may be exposed to when carrying out your work. Using tour scientifically backed analysis and design tools, our experts will show you how a pair of Next Step insoles will improve your posture and reduce the risk any potential injury.

Your insoles will be produced using a groundbreaking, state of the art 3D printing technique which enables intrinsic functional design, adapting the flexibility and stiffness throughout the ortotics to match your dynamics.

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